jessica simpsonWe were lucky enough to score an interview with some lovely ladies, Nikki and Riawna, from the Ken Paves Salon in Hollywood. Between the two of them, they have tons of experience, an amazing knowledge bank on the topic, and a crazy client list to boot (think Lindsay Lohan, Colin Farrell, and Eva Longoria). So I rolled what we got from these two into a week's worth of tips so you can look like you just walked out of the Ken Paves Salon.

How many times have you had a salon blowout that made your day, only to find that the next day, you couldn't achieve the same look? Yeah, me too. But after speaking with Nikki and Riawna, I took the bull by the horns. Err, my hair by the brush, and got to work. Voila! A gorgeous blowout that looked like nothing I'd ever achieved before. So what brilliant advice did Nikki and Riawna give that had me looking flawless?

Here are the easy steps the girls use to get red carpet worthy blowouts.

1. Put leave in conditioner and some styling lotion on damp hair. (Both Nikki and Riawna repeatedly mentioned Unite 7 Seconds products as favorites).

2. Remove 80% of moisture by rough drying with a towel.

3. Section hair off into medium segments and blow section by section.

4. For bounce and volume, once a section is complete, set it with a Velcro roller or a pincurl to cool. "Make sure hair is 100% dry or the Velcro roller just won't work," says Riawna.

5. When hair is completely cooled, brush softly with a Mason Pearson brush.

For extra volume, Nikki also suggested a volumizing mousse or spray which "is more ideal than lotion." She also said that "mousse is key because it controls and smooths hair." But most people don't use the correct dosage, either using too much or too little, so Nikki suggests "practicing how much you use," and seeing the difference in your blowouts to get your perfect amount.

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