Adam Kimmel's boilersuitRecasting industrial designs to make trendy street wear is a time-honored tradition, but there's a fine line. With clothes like carpenter jeans, cargo pockets, and Carhartt work wear, it's hard to strike the balance between hipster, trying too hard and being mistaken for an actual professional craftsman on their lunch break. Could you imagine a friend going out in a pair of coveralls and actually pulling it off?

Perhaps the best way to make it look fashionable is to pay £420 ($607) for the Boilersuit, by Adam Kimmel. Specially designed to flatter any physique with its luxurious denim (is luxury denim an oxymoron?), this "boilersuit," as they are called in the UK, is certainly an expensive gamble.

We might recommend taking a look at your work clothes store and seeing how you look in a pair of Dickies coveralls -- it's a much smaller risk. Then, of course, you have to ask the question: do I or don't I customize my "boilersuit" with oil stains?

What do you think? Are coveralls a plausible fashion phenomenon, or just too awkward? Are they more or less awkward than mantyhose?

[via Brandish]