nicole richie

Although Nicole Richie was quoted in the latest issue of Black Book saying, "I don't have a great relationship with the '80s," the pint sized entertainer managed to channel the decade with style. Lady GaGa style to be exact.

From Christina to Nicole, it seems like every starlet is hooked on Lady GaGa's out-there '80s style. But Black Book reports that Nicole's look was actually focused on the glam punk style of 80s transgender model Teri Toye. Who's the copycat now? No literally, we're asking you.

Who's Going Gaga Next?
Madonna13 (15.7%)
Beyonce10 (12.0%)
Paris Hilton38 (45.8%)
Fergie22 (26.5%)

Also check out more on Nicole's Black Book Magazine interview, where she dives into her obvious love of the '60s and '70s, what she really thinks of tabloids, and why her "character" on The Simple Life was merely entertainment, not the real Nicole.

Via BlackBookMag