Orange Nail PolishWednesday in Chelsea, Massachusetts, 53-year-old Margaret Christie was arrested for wearing orange nail polish! (And also robbing a bank.)

Christie walked into a Sovereign Bank in Chelsea at 9:45 am, and handed the teller a note, demanding money. She got $450 and took off -- but the teller had noticed her "bright burnt orange nail polish."

A nearby construction worker saw the nails driving a car, took down her license plate number, and she was apprehended! Because wearing orange nail polish is a crime. And so is robbing a bank.

Seriously, we don't recommend orange nail polish. It's unflattering on almost every skin tone. Blech. At least it will match her outfit in jail. How very Law & Order!

She could have gotten away for under $2 by stashing a bottle of Wet & Wild in her car. Now that's a lesson we can all take away with us.