Unforgivable Woman by Sean JohnUnforgivable Woman is the name of Sean John Combs' perfume for women. We should start by establishing that no matter how good this perfume is, the best part of it will still be its name. We love it.

Sean John has branched into all kinds of retail fame, but when we heard he had a perfume -- especially a perfume called "Unforgivable Woman" -- we had to try it!

The packaging says:


Hang on, now. Doesn't that imply that this is a perfume for a woman without passion? We're gonna do you a solid and overlook that, Sean John. Because we do love you so. And you scare us a little.

The scent is surprisingly fruity for an unforgivable woman. Did she steal your fruit platter? Unforgivably?

Seriously, though, it's a nice scent. The fruitiness keeps it young, but it is also infused with sensual bergamot and jasmine, giving it a sexy, sophisticated air. Go smell it at your local Sephora, and shop and compare prices for this Puff Daddy - P. Diddy - Puffy - Sean Combs - Sean John goodness below!