Boots Cuticle OilYou've probably noticed all the Boots beauty products at Target. What you may or may not know is that Boots is a huge chain in the UK, and they've been around since 1849! They're doing something new now -- here's a hint -- it's also something old. A perfect example? Their Rose Cuticle Oil (right).

Did you guess? Boots is resurrecting their old formulas from Victorian times! Naturally, the products last longer now and have higher-quality ingredients (a purer rose oil, stronger jojoba), but the formulas are essentially the same.

Who needs all those chemicals they've developed since then? Cuticle oil made with rose oil and jojoba oil is a great conditioner, smells pretty, and looks lovely in its little pink dropper bottle.

We picked up a sample at an event for Women's Heath Magazine's first ever "Beauty Flip Issue" last week (you flip it over and upside down, and there's a whole extra special beauty section -- on stands now!), and daintily applied it to our fingers. We feel very old fashioned and domestic, and our cuticles are very happy!

The Boots Original Formula Cuticle Oil is a great addition to your nail routine.