lloyd bostonWe recently had the pleasure of talking to Lloyd Boston -- who you probably know best from his countless appearances on shows like Oprah, as a Style Network host or as the Jones New York "Style Guy" -- about his new show Closet Cases. But don't think for a minute it is your typical reality makeover show. Not even close. Lloyd promises that it's "a fresh concept ... a double makeover;" one for the "closet case" and another for their actual closet. He also dishes countless tips on how you can "find a style that works" among the clothing you already have and not spend a dime doing it. How much fun is that?

"Most women get stuck in a look that was successful or was tied to a successful moment in their lives but the rest of the world might've moved on. They become buried under layers of life stages which translate over to their closets," says Lloyd. He helps people "look back over their life and their most successful moments" and where they are now versus where they were then to get them back on track. For example, if a woman "had great professional success from power suits in the '80s, she can still wear her power jacket with jeans for modern take," he says.

Once Lloyd defines why someone might be stuck in the past, he introduces his "Stop, Yield, Go" tactic to begin peeling back those "life layers." He says that it even if you don't have a style expert on your side, it is so easy to purge with the help of a trustworthy friend by following his Stop, Yield, Go plan.

Stop: "Have an honest friend show you what you should stop wearing and what is working against you."

Yield: "This is like the maybe pile. Finding items that may have a second life with little alternations. For example, cropping a dated jacket."

Go: "A good friend can help you figure out what can go up front in your closet, what you need. This is your keep pile."

In a typical makeover show, this would be the end of the road, where host and victim would sadly part ways. But not in Closet Cases! Instead, Lloyd takes his "case" shopping for a special occasion look and, while he does so, a secret team "gut renovates" the closet. "It's custom built -- new lighting, outfit organizer, categorized by color, the works."

Lloyd says for many of us who have found ourselves saying "I have nothing to wear" repeatedly while staring into the depths of our jam packed closet, it isn't that we have nothing to wear but that our styling needs to be updated. "A lot of times the clothes are there but ... run out of ideas."

His solution? "A look book is a great way to do it. Take pictures of outfits you get compliments on or use magazine pull outs and create a look book that way. So for example, if you have a photo of Gwyneth Paltrow in blue blazer, white top and white pants, you might have that in your closet."

Lloyd also says that your closet should "make you smile" when you open the door. "I'm an organizational freak," he says laughing. "Set up clothes in a way that feels like a boutique, like you're in your own little store. Take the time to organize by color category and invest in matching hangers."

Although that is all well and good, Lloyd says what he most loves about the show is "that I get to roll my sleeves up which is really a push for me!" He also delights in the fact that he helps clients, "get into a new look, helping them uncover a style they can use but ... not spending a lot of money doing it."

See Lloyd in action when Closet Cases premieres on the Fine Living Network April 13 after which the thirty minute program will air regularly on Monday's at 10pm ET. You can also check out Lloyd's other endeavors like his books – Before You Put That On (Simon & Schuster), Make Over Your Man (Doubleday) and Men of Color (Artisan) – for more fantastic style advice.