We love a good faceful of makeup, and are in awe of the mad application skill demonstrated by drag queens. Anyone can hide a zit, but only a true master can cover up a beard and have the resulting "skin" look dewy.

This is a fascinating video for the song Lipstique, which features the vocals of Fauxnique, a well-known San Francisco performer. In the song Fauxnique recites the names of her favorite lipsticks over throbbing club beats from her collaborator and husband, DJ Silencefiction.

In the video, Fauxnique is joined by big name drag queens Peaches Christ, Kiddie, Vinsantos, Katya Smirnoff-skyy and Hoku Mama. They all start (more or less) in streetwear, and while lipsynching the song, allow us to watch as they transform themselves into their full drag queen glory.

Eyes and lips usually get all of the "how to" instruction attention, and you will see some awesome stuff in Liptistique. But you will also gain a whole new appreciation for the magic of well-applied foundation after watching this video, directed by cool chick Kia Simon.