Madonna in MalawiHow much do your workout/lounge clothes cost you? If you're Madonna and you like to chill in a Chanel tracksuit, the pants will set you back $1600, and the top, $1200. But, we have just one question -- is that an appropriate outfit to wear while touring one of the most impoverished countries in the world?

Madonna is in Malawi to adopt a second child, Mercy James. The entire process is already riddled with controversy, as was her first visit to the country when she adopted her son David Banda without having to adhere to the country's standard adoption procedures. People are wondering if she'll be able to bypass the law again.

So, we're just wondering -- with all the big issues that are already up in the air, why would Madonna wear such an expensive outfit knowing that it's just going to generate more talk and backlash? Of course, she can wear whatever she wants. But, really, is a Chanel tracksuit the best option for such an occasion?

Via The Cut.