Ultra's jaw line defining shave creamMen, do you feel like your jaw line is slipping, slouching, or losing definition (whatever that means)? Well, now there's a new, surgery -free, miracle-in-a-bottle solution that will supposedly give you that manly, defined jaw line that you've always wanted. It's called Jaw Line Defining 3 in1 Shave Cream by Ultra and it joins manscara and guyliner in the recent wave of products targeting cosmetically enlightened dudes.

If you weren't yet self-conscious about the definition of you jaw line, now you can be ... if that seems like a good use of your time.

We're not sure we believe these claims, but Ultra's jaw line formula supposedly "gives a close shave and tightens flabby skin around the jaw line." How it does this without surgery, weight-loss, or exercise is beyond us -- but nothing sells quite like a good miracle claim.

It's kind of interesting to ponder the world of man makeup and cosmetics, because there are very few men out there who have defined exactly what they would want in a cosmetic product and what they can realistically achieve. Is defining a jawline a high priority? Can it really be done by a paraben-free shaving cream that contains Shea butter and glycerin?

Ladies, here's the real question: is a well-defined jaw line one of the things you look for in a man?

[via Brandish]