amazon.comWe've all heard of primer for our eyes -- you put it on before eyeshadow and it makes the color pop! But what about primer for our whole faces? They tone the skin, making the face smooth, nourished, and oh-so-ready for any makeup plans you have. We gave Tarte Clean Slate Face Primer (right) a whirl to see if we've been missing out.

We chose this primer for a couple of reasons.

1. "Skinvigorating" ingredients. If you want us to put more stuff on our face, it had darn well better be good for us.

2. "t5 super fruit complex" -- this is sort of an extension of reason #1. Tarte developed a fusion of goji, acai, maracuja, acerola, and pomegranate. We are totally willing to put that on our face.

3. No parabens, fragrances (thank you!), sulfates, dyes, or anything too weird.

So. What did it do? The thick gel was surprisingly lightweight as soon as we massaged it into our face. Our skin felt ready for makeup, and like it might, in fact, be protected from any harmful ingredients in some of the cosmetics we use. That's just how it felt -- we have no proof of that. But believing is half the battle.

Our makeup lasted longer (no mid-afternoon oil slick), and our skin felt great, really great, when we washed it off at night. We have no qualms recommending Tarte Heath Couture Clean Slate Face Primer!