Lauren Pierce Spring '09We haven't sewn a day in our lives, and if we ever attempted to, our garment would probably amount to some type of bedazzled epic fail. Therefore, we can imagine it's probably a pretty nerve-wracking prospect to launch a clothing line right, while shanty towns pop up across America.

We can also imagine that if our famous relative was seen as the main reason our friends and family were losing their jobs left and right, we'd be even more concerned about potential customers shying away from our sleek designs. That's the predicament Lauren Bush, niece of George W. Bush, finds herself in.

Or that could have been the situation she was in before she decided to name her eco-friendly clothing line Lauren Pierce. It was a smart move, considering no one should shy away from the budding designer's smart and sophisticated pieces just because of a relative!

For spring, it looks as though Bush's brain was filled with thoughts of the Hamptons and dressing comfortably for chic, outdoor summer dinners. The debut collection is filled with flowing silk separates, bold-printed knee-length skirts, and Ralph Lauren-esque capes. All of which could will easily get you plastered on Patrick McMullen's front page like some kind of NY socialite. So, if you're owner of the preppy handbook or just have a penchant for well-made duds, look no further than Lauren Pierce this season.

Meanwhile, Bush's social awareness projects don't stop at her FEED bags. Each season, the Lauren Pierce collection will align itself with a different women's cause. This season, the designer partnered with Women for Women International, which teaches women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo how to hand-dye fabrics.