lindsay lohan at matthew williamson new york store openingLindsay Lohan has started her own line of fake and bake spray called Sevin Nyne. While the product is good enough for her to hawk to unsuspecting consumers, there is a question about whether or not she actually uses it herself.

La Lohan reportedly hires other spray tan companies to come to Samantha Ronson's house and bronze her there in an attempt to be discreet.

However, Lindsay's business partner, Kristi Kaylor, says, "Lindsay only uses Sevin Nyne. As well as perfecting the solution with our lab and choosing the scent, Lindsay named the product, art-directed the visual components and has been involved every step of the way. Lindsay also has her own machine and gallons of Sevin Nyne solution that she uses regularly."

We love that Lindsay uses "gallons" of fake tanner regularly. Is that what it takes to look like an A-lister these days?