neutrogenaWe are all lead to believe that moisturizer, among other things, is crucial for healthy skin. But is this the truth or are top companies just leading us on so we buy their products in bulk?

According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology (AOCD), we've all been duped. They say that, "this is another multi-million dollar myth that cosmetic companies want you to believe." They say that you only really need a moisturizer if you have redness, irritation or itchiness. If you aren't experiencing any of these signs, your skin is doing just fine on it's own.

This sounded a little suspicious to us, so we consulted New York City Dermatologist Amy Wechsler - who's board-certified in dermatology and psychiatry. She strongly disagreed. "First of all Osteopaths are not medical doctors," she told us. And she's right - Osteopathy is a form of complementary medicine that emphasizes a holistic approach and manual and physical interventions in the treatment and prevention of disease. They don't go to traditional medical school, and are not board certified.

"Most Americans do need moisturizers," she said. "They help the skin maintain its barrier function, which is paramount to its health." Dr. Wechsler said only a small percentage of people don't need moisturizer - those with really oily facial skin.

So keep slathering. "You need a moisturizer if your skin feels flaky, ashy or tight after washing, says Dr. Wechsler. And most Americans over wash their skin, which depletes natural moisturizing oils," making moisturizer application even more paramount.

So there you have it. Lesson learned: Don't believe everything you read, and keep using that moisturizer!