A woman undergoes a Botox procedureIf this economy has been spreading worry wrinkles across you forehead at an alarming rate, yet you're still in your mid 20s, you might be a candidate for something doctors are calling preventative Botox. That's right, apparently it's never too early to start injecting Botox, fillers, etc. into your face if you're of a mind to -- because it can supposedly preempt deep wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Last winter, StyleList reported that the median age for getting botox procedures was dropping fairly quickly because of a rapidly increasing number of 20-somethings getting in on the action.

In an interview with BlackBook, one of New York's top face-fixers Dr. Guida revealed that whle he has been performing eye lifts on patients as young as 18-20, "there's been a progressively younger group coming in for Botox because it's preventative."

So what procedures are trendy for the 25-35 year old set? According to the Doc:
"People with deeper lines on their faces and acne scarring are looking towards fillers [Juvederm, Restylane, Radiance], lasers, and microdermabrasion."
When asked about the long term risks associated with starting Botox at such a young age, Dr. Guida had this to say:
"I don't know of any that have been scientifically proven. There was a minor study in Europe involving mice, but it was not well documented. I've been using it at least 15 years, and I've witnessed no adverse effects. If anything, the muscle weakens, and you look more relaxed."
Wow, isn't that reassuring?

Of course, many people think it's a bit creepy to be getting elective cosmetic surgeries at all at a young age. Do you think that's a perception that will fade as procedures like "preventative Botox" gain popularity with people under the age of 35?

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