We all want big hair, but some of us just have tiny heads, with flat, fine hair. This is why extensions, wiglets, and so many other hair prosthetics are on the market. Well, you can forget about all of them, because nothing works quite like the Bumpit from Big Happie Hair.

The Bumpit is a plastic "volumizing insert," sort of like an under-barrette. You lift up a section of your hair, stick this comb-like thing on your crown, and brush your hair over it. The result is a Sarah Palin-like mini-beehive, without the damaging backcombing.

From the video, we see that you can do all kinds of activities while wearing the bumpit: sit by the pool, talk to your friends, and watch guys walk by and even go to cheerleading practice.

Even more exciting? This is the secret to Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf's headband and bouffant do!

The Bumpit comes in three sizes:
  • Mini -- when you just want a little body
  • Regular -- get your pouf on
  • Hollywood -- it makes your head look giant
The whole set comes in four different shades, so you can match it to your hair color for better camouflage. For $19.99 (plus shipping and handling) you get two minis, two regulars and a Paris Hilton-worthy Hollywood bumpit.

This is so the new scrunchie! A must-have for every bride, graduating teen and office cougar!