woman wearing a fundoshiLook, we're far from suggesting that the traditional Japanese loincloth -- known as a "fundoshi" -- is a good look on men. We kinda hope it never come in fashion. However, it's apparently the ladies in Japan who desire the loose, uninhibited freedom of the fundoshi these days. The ladies' fundoshi, featuring its infamous tarzan-esque front and back flaps, is now reaching minor trend status overseas.

Though the archaic undergarment has traditionally be reserved for men (like sumo wrestlers), just as we've observed with the man bra, the Japanese market is all about breaking through gender divides. According to the purveyors of the ladies fundoshi:
"We wanted young women to have a more sense of freedom and release. And as we tried to come up with the ultimate liberation item for women, we thought of a fundoshi."
As for how the product is being received, marketers report that sales are good. One of Japan's major lingerie firms Wacoal reports that they've sold over 5,000 Nanafun female loincloths since December.

The Female Fundoshi

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We're not too clear yet in what setting women are enjoying their fundoshis, or how that type of underwear can be functional at all. Still, Japanese women seem to like the idea of getting back to basics. Says one woman:
"It's easy to wear and is quite nice. It's also good for summer. And since it's getting warmer, I figured it would be good for that."