beyonce and hugh jackman at the academy awardsYes! Patricia Field herself has confirmed that Beyonce bought a handmade mask during an $11,000 shopping spree at the stylist's store. We absolutely cannot wait to see where that mask shows up -- a night out on the town with Jay-Z, perhaps, or maybe on stage as Beyonce's alter-ego, Sasha Fierce.

The mask was purchased alongside studded half gloves, stirrup pants and a bejeweled bolero, amongst other items. Patricia is known for her own wacky style, so when paired with Beyonce's flair for the conspicuous it should make for some interesting paparazzi pictures!

Whether you love B or you hate her, you have to admit that she gets up and gets dressed to entertain. We adore that about her and even if it lands her on the worst-dressed list, we want to see that mask debut on the red carpet soon -- with the gloves too!

Via The Cut.