An English town is using an innovative solution to deter teen loitering -- they're harnessing the power of teenage vanity (and yes, insecurity) to keep surly teen males from gathering in front of businesses.

How are they doing it?

By installing the fluorescent lights that dermatologists use to show up pimples and scars in dark corners where teens congregate and, apparently, are Up To No Good. As an added bonus, the lights are pink -- another adolescent male deterrent. Standing under a pink light is not good for a tough-guy image, as you can imagine. What we were surprised by is how effective unflattering light can be at keeping these kids away. Ah, the power of vanity!

We're not sure if it's fair to pick on all adolescent males, but we're going to assume that the town in question had a real problem and we applaud them for coming up with a safe, low-tech solution to their problem.