lindsay lohanYou know all of the times when you saw Lindsay Lohan wearing her 6126 leggings and thought, "those aren't pants, they're hosiery!" Well, at last you're going to be correct. Her Marilyn Monroe-inspired line is coming out with pantyhose!

The five new hosiery styles will be available in matte and shiny black, as well as nude. You can pick up your $18 hose from Intuition, home of the "Shop by Celebrity" category.

According to Lindsay, this foray into tights is a natural extension for her line, for girls who don't want to "wear socks" with their leggings.

No word on whether the hosiery will come in a panty-free style for girls who "don't want to wear panties" with their leggings, which we believe is also a big audience for Lindsay's line.