I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

Looks like the rest of you are also going insane for The Real Housewives of New York City, allowing me to feel a lot less guilty about my guiltiest pleasure. In fact, people are actually looking to them for advice: Bethenny's new (non)diet book is an instant New York Times' best-seller, The Countess is promoting her forthcoming etiquette book, and Alex McCord is blogging away about surviving unemployment for The Huffington Post.

But while the Housewives are busy imparting wisdom to the plebes, I'm surprised that their beauty tips aren't getting much press.

So I'm taking it upon myself. If you watch the show closely enough, there's lots to learn about maintenance. Some of it plainly stated, some of it unspoken. Roll tape.

Lesson #1: Lunges, baby, lunges.
As a 27-year-old, I shouldn't be jealous of Ramona's legs. But I am. Seeing her in that bikini when the others went surfing had me seething with envy. Conveniently, the blonde bombshell revealed that it's lunges that keeps her legs jiggle-free. "You have to work out religiously," she says. (Ugh, just as I'd feared.)

Lesson #2: Eat clean.
Her company's called Bethenny Bakes, but yet the celebrity chef manages to keep herself -- and her high-profile clients -- looking like they haven't seen a cookie in years. Whether Bethenny's making a fruit salad at Jill's beach house or hawking her low-fat pastries at a chi-chi health-fest, the super-toned chef makes healthy eating seem pretty appetizing.

Lesson #3: Take skincare seriously.
Bethenny, Jill, and Ramona have all indulged in facials on the show, but Ramona took it one step further and created her own line, Tru-Renewal. It's infused with green algae (a well-known antioxidant) and has some retinol in it, too. Whether you or not you think Ramona's full of it, those two ingredients, I promise you, are not.

Lesson #4: Stay out of the sun.
Eeek. Kelly, possibly the least popular among Housewives' fans, has been catching serious heat in the blogosphere for her perma-tan. Sure, the swimsuit model can get away with showing more skin than the general population, but all that sun exposure has some thinking she just looks burnt.

Lesson #5: Big personalities, mind your mouth.
When Jill toyed with the idea of getting lip injections, Ramona nearly laughed in her face. She said, "[Jill] already has this big personality and talks up a storm. With big lips, it would be comical." Usually, lip injections look pretty silly on their own, but heaven forbid you've got a personality to match.

Here's hoping there will be even more knowledge to glean when an all-new episode airs tonight at 10pm. Can't wait!