Imagine you got to play beauty parlor with your idol every day.

Oh, and by doing so, you become BFFs with them, too.

Crazy as it sounds, this actually happened to the late Kevyn Aucoin, considered by many to be the best celebrity and fashion makeup artist EVER. During his short life, he became the go-to makeup artist to nearly every A-lister you can think of. And because the small town boy was an insatiable music fan, he found his friendships with female artists were the most inspiring. So much, they're now immortalized in his brand's new lipstick collection, Rouge Hommage.

The newest launch from Kevyn Aucoin Beauty, Rouge Hommage pays tribute to the artists who became both Kevyn's friends and muses. (His family works with the brand now, in case you were wondering.)

The colors are named after eight of the artists he worked with, as well as their iconic songs. Looking at the shade listing, it reads like a lineup for the next VH1 Divas extravaganza.

Some of my picks: Liza Minelli ("Gently," a sparkling rose), Janet Jackson ("Control," a translucent berry), and of course, Babs ("Guilty," a champagne color).

My absolute favorite shade, "Time," is inspired by Tori Amos, easily the quirkiest artist of the bunch. Whether or not you love her music (as I do), the glamorous neutral -- a silky, rust-colored hue, with little gold sparkles -- has mass appeal. If you like a natural-but-sexy vibe, chances are, you'll be a fan.