Lots of acne news lately on StyleList ... and here's more:

Launching this month at Sephora, Dr. Frederic Brandt's new anti-acne line Blemishes No More attempts to achieve what no one thought possible -- get rid of zits without leaving your skin dry, red and irritated.

"This line represents a quantum leap for us," says Dr. Brandt, creator of Dr Brandt Skincare and dermatologist in Miami and New York City. The collection has been in the works for about a year and relies on a new proprietary complex he calls Active Impurity Shield, or simply "The Shield" to target and heal blemishes.

The Shield is comprised of ingredients that inhibit bacteria growth, slough dead skin, and absorb and regulate oil production. These include salicylic acid (to keep pores clear), flax seed extract (to regulate oil), and glycerol caprilate, picea avies and palmitoil hexapeptide-26 (all antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents).

There are five products in the line, starting with Cleansing Pads to make washing up at the end of the day super easy. Aside from the sheer speed of the pads, my favorite item is the Intense Solution, named for its high levels of all the active ingredients in the line -- it's a powerhouse acne fighter that won't ravage skin the way most benzoyl-peroxide based treatments do.

But don't have to take my word for it, Blemishes No More has the clinical trials to prove it: With participants showing a 96% reduction in acne lesions, what have you got to lose?