That voice? Unbelievable. Those brows? Unbelievable.

If you've been anywhere near a television or computer for the past few days, no doubt you're as obsessed as we are with Susan Boyle, the 47-year-old Scottish spinster who gained instant stardom after her audition for Britain's Got Talent -- during which she stunned an auditorium full of scowling naysayers (Simon Cowell included) with a breathtaking performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables.

Watch it here. You'll cry. Trust us.

But what style watchers can't ignore about this show biz newbie is that she's totally untouched. A fashion and beauty virgin. A woman in her natural state. To the media eager to harness a fraction of her 13 million (and counting) YouTube views, a diamond in the rough.

As any beauty lover knows, as far as subtle, true-to-your-style makeovers are concerned, the brows are the best place to start. "Send her to Hollywood for three months and she'd be a different person," says Anastasia Soare, Los Angeles' go-to brow guru, who's a Boyle fan herself -- "Susan's voice is amazing!"

But those brows. "Because of her brows she has a very masculine look," said Soare, who was schooled in architecture in her native Romania. "They're too high on top, and too low at the bottom." She recommends taking a few layers off the top and bottom to thin out the brows, then creating an arch just left of center give them shape.

"It would do miracles," says Soare. "She absolutely has potential."

We'll see how long it takes for the makeover happen (perhaps on her rumored upcoming Oprah appearance?). But right now we're still riding the high of seeing this 47-year-old style virgin make it big.