For years redheads have been told to avoid fashion and makeup in bright shades of red, coral and pink.

Well, look who's proving the experts wrong.

Coco Rocha (at last night's annual New Yorkers For Children Spring Gala) and ScarJo (at Paris Fashion Week) bucked this staid advice and donned radiant red lip color despite their fiery locks. And don't they look fierce?

So what if both are newbies to the redhead club - we think is a trend in the making. Don't you just love when the style gurus get it wrong? I do, because it means I have license to shake things up and try verboten beauty moves, instead of my usual (read: boring) pink gloss, black mascara and shimmery beige shadow.

I'm thinking cherry red lips and major black liner tonight -- watch out Glamour Do's and Don'ts!