A well placed belt looks effortless and elevates any outfit, but picking the right one for your look and body type isn't as easy as it seems. A skinny waist cincher can get lost on fuller frames, wider cuts can overwhelm petite figures, and matching colors can be difficult if you aren't used to accessorizing. To make sure your purchase is appropriate take into account these simple guidelines:

1. Follow the First Lady's lead and invest in a high quality belt that can be paired with multiple outfits. You don't have to drop as much dough as Mrs O. did for her Azzedine Alaia studded number, but do make sure you spend enough to get a good leather that will last and age well.

2. Just like buying a suit, your first belt should be a basic. Black or brown are the safest bets depending on the overall tone of your wardrobe. Once you've learned how to work your new accessory, add a bright color or statement buckle to your collection for more fashion-forward looks.

3. The most versatile option is a belt that has enough holes to fit on both your hips and your waist but this isn't always possible. If you have to pick between the two, this season go for the waist. This position is figure flattering and can be paired with both dresses and pants.

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