Apparently, it's not just a first name these two starlets share.

First, Simpson received endless scrutiny over unflattering on stage photos of her wearing Grey Ant's high-waisted Carpenter Jean and now Jessica Alba has been spotted in a similarly questionable cut courtesy of MiH's "Berlin" jean. Could this be the beginning of Jessica Weightgate 2.0?

It seems every time the denim waistbands of Hollywood hotties with any curves at all land somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, eyebrows follow suit. We think there's something about this Regal Beagle-worthy waistline and wash that screams "Mom jeans!"

Unless, of course, you have the boyish bod of Keira Knightley or Kate Moss. Go figure!

Should curvy women wear this trendy take on denim?
Why not? HIgh-waisted jeans work on all body types.218 (38.0%)
Dream on! This look is for leggy, hipless models.131 (22.8%)
Let this style live on in Three's Company reruns. Period.225 (39.2%)