Let's be honest here -- she's Halle Berry, winner of Oscars, giver of moving speeches and mother of one of the cutest babies in all of Hollywood.

She can do no wrong! So now that Halle's lightened up her locks for Spring, we wouldn't be surprised to see more celebs following suit.

While we weren't totally crazy about Jessica Alba going a few shades blonder, we think the new 'do works on Halle. The shorter cut draws attention to her perfect bone structure and cheekbones, while the brighter highlights add to her already youthful appearance -- she'll be turning 43 this year. Yeah, don't fall out of your chair like we just did when we read that!

But, we're curious as to what you think. Does this hot momma look better blond or do you prefer Halle back to her roots as a brunette?
Do you like Halle Berry's New Do?
I love it! Her coloring is perfect for that shade of light brown.273 (45.0%)
Yuck! Go back to brunette ASAP, Halle!127 (21.0%)
Does it really matter? She's Halle Berry. If she goes purple I'd still be a fan.206 (34.0%)