You really hoped it wouldn't happen.

But in the end, after 100 million Youtube views, Hollywood has won: SUSAN BOYLE HAS GOTTEN A BROW MAKEOVER.

On the left you'll see her new brows, in a picture of the Scottish crooner that was snapped today. On the right, our last glimpse of Boyle's brows in their natural state (never forget!), taken yesterday.

Though she got the makeover in Britain, looks like she followed the advice Hollywood brow guru Anastasia Soare gave her last week on this blog: "Because of her brows she has a very masculine look," said Soare, who was schooled in architecture in her native Romania. "They're too high on top, and too low at the bottom." She recommended taking a few layers off the top and bottom to thin out the brows, then creating an arch just left of center give them shape.

The Boyle Brow Backlash has already begun, as blogs and angry fans blame Simon Cowell for morphing Boyle's school marmish charm into another plastic product of the Hollywood machine.

Gotta say (and please don't stone me), I like it. It shows what the power of a good pluck can do you to bring out the structure of your face. But what do you think?

Do Boyle's new brows wow, or do you want her old arches back, now?