Repeat Fashion Offender: Michelle Obama

    Michelle Obama donned similar asymmetrical cardigans by Junya Watanabe - the pink version for a "Take Your Child to Work" Day event on April 23, 2009, and the blue version during her G20 trip to London. Her first pick by a non-US-based designer, the fashionably daring sweater was critically acclaimed by MO style-watchers.

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    The First Lady first debuted this white bow blouse by Moschino on April 2nd in London. She then recycled it for a "Take Your Child to Work" Day event on April 23, 2009.

    Evan Vucci

    We imagine most First Lady's would wear their Inauguration Day ensemble once, then lay it to rest. Not our Michelle. The pale yellow Nina Ricci cardigan she dressed up with a diamond brooch for her husband's swearing in ceremony has become a wardrobe staple - most recently seen on St. Patrick's Day, paired with cropped gray trousers.

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    Who knew that emerald pumps could get so much play? Michelle first donned these colorful J.Crew clickers on Inauguration Day, and wore them again during the G20 Summit in London.

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    A master of the belt-over-cardigan look, this black studded belt by Azzedine Alaia is arguably The First Lady's favorite accessory. She's been photographed in it many times - here, twice during her recent trip to Europe.

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It's become habit for the media and fashion followers alike to fault high-profile celebrities for doing the absolutely unthinkable - wearing the same thing more than once!

Don't they know? They're supposed to stick to the wear-once rule! They have endless money, multiple stylists and access to all the top designers; their wardrobes should be disposable. Who do they think they are committing such a fashion faux pas?

But somehow, when Michelle Obama wears things on multiple occasions, it's eco-friendly, practical, down to earth. After all, she's just like you and me.

First off, there's the Moschino oversized-bow blouse she wore in London and again for "Take Your Child to Work Day" at the White House. "How chic," we proclaim. And her undeniable fondness for Junya Watanabe cardigans (she wore one on her G20 Summit trip and another to the aforementioned White House event). "How modern," we point out. And what about her Inauguration Day Jimmy Choo "Glacier" pumps? They made an encore appearance during her G20 trip. "How great that she had another chance to wear the green shoes," we think to ourselves.

But is this a total double standard? Are we holding celebrities to a higher fashion standard than the First Lady?