With all due respect to England, my current country of residence, there are a few national treasures that don't quite ever make it in the U.S. I won't name them, because you won't know them. And for good reason.

But recently, Alexa Chung, an It girl with an actual job, has washed up on my home country's shores -- the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn in New York City, specifically.

What's she done? She's an award-winning television presenter, a columnist for The Telegraph, and (okay, okay) a model with a British indie rock star boyfriend. And because she's also a fixture on several best-dressed lists, she threatens to make a pretty decent impact on the beauty scene.

I've got high hopes for Miss Chung. Unlike her friends Agyness Deyn and Peaches Geldof, her beauty style is actually covetable. (Sorry, I know a lot of y'all love Aggy.)

Here's what Chung's bringing to the table.

Her beauty icons rock. "Francoise Hardy, the French Sixties songstress and pretty much my hero...was beyond sexy without ever being pictured on all fours daubed in fake tan," she writes. I dare you to find a TV presenter on E! who cites Hardy as their beauty inspiration.

She can't tal
k about her beauty style with a straight face. Though she has perfectly on-trend darker-roots-and-lighter-ends hair, she doesn't get all poetic when she talks about it. (Besides, that's my job.)

"[At the salon,] I had to ask for 'frosted tips,' a phrase that should never be uttered by anyone the least bit embarrassed by their own vanity," she writes in her column for The Independent.

"Embarrassed by their own vanity?" I don't think some of her contemporaries even know what that means.

She represents a balance that's missing. I love that her beauty style is miles away from that super-pristine, blow-out queen look of the Upper East Side (think Gossip Girl), but it's about 3,000 times more chic than the mish-mash explosion of color and retro cuts that have been synonymous with Williamsburg. Insane 80s revivals aside, there is beauty in balance, y'know.