They don't have infomercials for people who hate mineral makeup, do they?

While women on TV and in ladies' bathrooms are carrying on about how mineral makeup did everything short of save them from the brink of despair, some of you actually detest the stuff. You either loath that odd shine which others consider "radiance," or you find the product downright irritating to your complexion.

But it's unfair to put the blame on mineral makeup on the whole, since it's obvious that many women tolerate it just fine. You may actually have a problem with bismuth oxychloride, a compound found in many mineral makeup formulas.

"It's used in cosmetic products because of its distinct, shimmery look," says Ranella Hirsch, a Cambridge-based dermatologist.

Besides making skin look luminous, some say it can cause irritation, like itching, rashes, and even cystic acne, and that it's advisable you stay away from the ingredient if you have acne or sensitive skin.

But even if you fear an unnaturally shiny nose or are scared of having a reaction, you still very well may be able to wear mineral makeup. (There's something to be said for its ease of application, don't you think?)

1. First, perform a patch test. "The best place to test a product that uses a potential irritant like bismuth oxychloride is the inside of your forearm," says Hirsch. "Apply a thin coat of the product, leave it on for 24 hours, and see if you react."

If you're in the clear, then try it on your face. Into the glow-y finish? Cool.

Not so much? Try option number two.

2. Go bismuth-oxychloride-free.

Some cosmetic companies believe that a shine-free mineral powder is the key to flawless-looking skin.

"Think about it this way: If you paint a wall with high-gloss paint, all of the tiny flaws, bumps, and indentions will become more noticeable," says Sandy Incardona of Amazing Cosmetics, a brand that offers mineral powders without the bismuth oxychloride. "With a shine-free finish, your pores will look smaller, and any fine lines will be less noticeable."

Afterglow Cosmetics and Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics are two other brands that offer mineral powders without the offending ingredient.

If you're a mineral makeup hater, I suggest you try the above. Take it from a recent convert.