Vintage -- and green -- beauty, Dita Von Teese

Photo Courtesy of Keith William, KEW Productions for Glamourcon

We are so jealous of Rachel Sarnoff from EcoStiletto, the super-fun and stylish site all about easy ways to be fabulous and eco-friendly. The site has Rachel's new interview with one of our style heroines, the divine Dita Von Teese. They chatted about Dita's attention-getting vintage wardrobe, fashion icons, young Hollywood style, and her thoughts on being an "accidental ecoista."

Despite Dita's frenetic pace – she just got back from a star turn in Paris at renowned Crazy Horse theater, has two new burlesque shows in the works and a book coming out with famed photographer Sheryl Nields -- she is always turned out in impeccable vintage style, including her signature cinched-waist designer frocks.

It's the glamour – plus the frequently friendlier price tags – of vintage that have always appealed to Dita. One thing she hadn't considered? The green angle of vintage.

As EcoStilettto points out, wearing vintage is one of the best ways to dress "green," by reducing your consumption and reusing existing items. Still, Dita admitted that she doesn't consciously factor being eco-friendly into her dressing decisions. For her, it's always been about being "glamorous" and "chic on a very tight budget."

"I started buying vintage originally because I couldn't afford the kinds of designer clothes that appealed to me," Dita said. "I always felt like a very ordinary looking girl, and I found that dressing in a unique way made me feel less ordinary and more glamorous."

As difficult as it is to imagine Dita being ordinary, she also admitted to being very shy and using "extravagant vintage hats" to intimidate people. "I think people will only approach if they have something very, very interesting to say to the girl in the outrageous hat!"

The inspiration for those unique ensembles, Dita said, was the "screw you if you don't like it" attitude of "eccentrics and glamorous women who are self-created." Dita rattled off a list of her icons that included Anna Piaggi, Lisa Fonssagrives, Diana Vreeland, and Marlene Dietrich.

She added, "I am impressed with Lady Gaga right now. She is proving to be a really eccentric dresser."

But besides LG, Dita finds most of today's stars boring. "There is so much to yawn at in Hollywood, all safe styling on the red carpet." Dita admits, "I'm tired of seeing every young actress trying to be a 'modern Grace Kelly.'"

Dita and Rachel also talked about current designers, finding your personal style and incorporating vintage into contemporary looks. Check out the entire interview at EcoStiletto!