Photo by Getty Images.

Adidas earnings are down, as in a whopping 97% profit dive. There's one man we can think of to save their sole, and it's David Beckham.

Coincidentally, news recently broke of the footballer's collaboration with the sneaker giant. (And don't go pointing fingers; dude probably hasn't swapped his soccer ball for a sketch pad just yet.)

Mr. Posh is designing a clothing line for Adidas Originals, however, the company originally stated that they wouldn't be using the star's image to promote the new wears. Maybe it's time to rethink that strategy.

A shirtless DB on a larger-than-life billboard, glistening six pack, piercing green eyes...

Wait, where were we? We got so carried away fantasizing about bending it with Beckham that we almost forgot the point we were trying to make. Oh, right, that a major advertising campaign with David could be just what Adidas needs to boost its profits next quarter!

We're just saying.