Photo by Getty Images.

Kiefer Sutherland's brand of fashion may be getting a little too aggressive.

The handsome "24" star attended the Metropolitan Art Institute's Costume Gala last night and things apparently got way out of hand when Kiefer went all Zinedine Zidane on Jack McCollough, one half of design duo Proenza Schouler.

New York social news blog Guest of a Guest reports that Sutherland headbutted McCollough during an after-party at SubMercer. Mary Kate Olsen and other fashion heavy-hitters watched as Kiefer broke Jack's nose, the blog reports. A friend of McCollough's tells StyleList, the fashion designer spent the night in the hospital with a broken nose.

Are you wondering the reason behind the big showdown? Kiefer was upset about something that had to do with his former "Freeway" co-star, Brooke Shields, the blog says.

Violence is bad and we are truly sorry to hear about McCollough. But, the bigger issue at hand is that Shields is 42 years old and still smokin' hot enough to be causing this kind of drama! Maybe even worth headbutting someone for -- proof that age is just a number!