The best summer tress trend? Perfectly "tousled" hair. You know, that carefree, of-course-I-woke-up-like-this, Gisele kinda curl that instills instant hatred unless, of course, your locks look like that too.

Well, Herbal Essences has created a whole line of products to help us mere mortals attain this look -- but we can't tell you about that until they release it in July (shh, you didn't hear it here!).

But what we can do is show you how Herbal Essences' Celebrity Hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan -- the man behind the luminous manes of Leighton Meester, Mariah Carey, Kristen Bell and Blake Lively -- creates the tousled look with what he calls "Patty-cake Curls," which he gamely demonstrates in our exclusive video, above. Just spritz in a spray gel or a hairspray with a flexible hold, grab your straightening iron and follow Charles' lead.

Very chic. Get ready for the haters.

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