Being that supermodel Heidi Klum is from Germany, and husband/musician Seal is from England, the U.S. brand of political correctness didn't matter much as the two of them renewed their vows in a trashy wedding ceremony this past weekend. They had an afternoon filled with mullets and cornrows -- a cornucopia of American culture.

Heidi Klum and Seals Wedding

    What trashy wedding would be complete without beads, sequins and lots of cleavage?

    Clint Brewer, Splash News

    Seal is totally in character with a denim tuxedo over a Packer's jersey. It doesn't get trashier than that!

    Benassi, Splash News

    They're sealed with a kiss – and some pink patio flamingos!

    Clint Brewer, Splash News

    Debra Messing, normally the epitome of classy dressing, was one of the guests at the star-studded event.

    Some guests got a little too into the theme party! This guy is almost showing off the man version of the P-Hilt va-jay-jay slip – NOT something we want to see.


    The beachfront vow renewal ceremony was the perfect place for mullets and platform flip flops to roam free.

    Heidi somehow managed to look stunning, even in cornrows.

    Ahh, plaid galore and fanny packs everywhere – we didn't know you could still buy those!


    Everyone looks like they enjoyed themselves at the low-key bash.


    Love is in the air with some tacky leopard print balloons.


Heidi rocked out in a sequined top, complete with a glitzy sequined veil, while Seal sported a lovely denim tuxedo. Guests even kept with the theme, dressing in leopard print and cut-off jean shorts! The venue was decorated with inflatable pink flamingos and animal print balloons.

While they served Mexican food and beer, we wish they would've stayed totally in theme with appetizers like pigs in a blanket and Bud Light to wash 'em down. And c'mon now -- where were the fireworks?!? No trashy wedding is complete without them! That's how you keep the passion alive!