Now you see it. Now You don't. The Naked Cowboy covers up. Photos by Mark Von Holden, WireImage for Joseph Abboud

On a concrete island, amidst the bustling traffic of New York City's Times Square, stands the Naked Cowboy.

Robert John Bruck (his given name) is a street performer who wears nothing more than cowboy boots, hat and tighty whities -- guitar strategically slung across his body to imply he is, well, naked.

He quickly became one of the city's most sought after tourist attractions. And has been a fixture for more than a decade, weather not permitting. Now, that's gotta hurt!

But for someone who has made his name out of being naked, we were kind of shocked to see the usually scantily clad cowboy, admittedly looking dapper, in a full-on suit. It took place yesterday at a private Joseph Abboud factory sale, where the design team dressed him (guess losing the boots and hat was not an option).

Don't fret, upon leaving the store, the clothes were in a brown shopping bag and the Naked Cowboy was back in his skivvies. Clearly, you can't take the "naked" out of "Naked Cowboy!"

Sticking to a red, white and blue color scheme (with hand painted messages on his guitar and backside), the Cincinnati, Ohio native takes a very patriotic stance, citing in a 2005 online interview, Nancy Reagen and Garth Brooks as his biggest influences.

And who does he influence? M&M's, apparently. The NC sued Mars Inc. for a whopping $6 million after they featured a little blue guy "wearing" the cowboy's signature style in a video shown on a huge screen in Times Square. It was taken down and charges were eventually dropped.

Looks like all is well in candy and cowboy land!