Photo: Forever 21

Forever 21 is currently embroiled in a trial with Trovata, who is claiming that the fast-fashion retailer purposely copied its designs -- particularly noteworthy because, although the retailer has been sued 50 or more times for copyright infringement by notable designers such as Diane von Furstenberg and Gwen Stefani, they've always settled out of court. This is the first time Forever 21 has actually been taken to trial.

They're making it interesting, though -- lawyers on both sides are coming up with some pretty clever ways of describing fashion to the jury.

Trovata's attorney compared the clothes to music, saying "Much the same as a music composer, [the designer] takes notes, chords, sharps and flats and combines them and arranges them to make original music."

Forever 21's attorney used a metaphor that might've hit a little closer to home with some of the jurors, especially if it was near lunchtime. "Much like a recipe for something like apple cobbler, Trovata is saying they didn't invent the apples or the cinnamon or the sugar, but they are claiming the right to the combination."

Great. Now we're hungry for dessert and we want to go shopping. Good thing we're not in the actual courtroom!