StyleList's Annie Scott sat down with Jake Bailey to get a makeover and talk makeup trends for Spring 2009. For before and after shots, tips and tricks, and more information about celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey -- who looks like Ugly Betty's Daniel Meade and works on Katy Perry and Annie Lennox, just to name a couple of his favorites -- click through our interview!

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Makeup Artist Jake Bailey Shares His Secrets

    Jake Bailey - Celebrity Makeup Artist

    StyleList: What would you say is the big thing in makeup for Spring 2009?

    Annie Scott

    Jake Bailey and StyleList's Annie Scott

    Jake Bailey: Definitely a light, bright lip, clean skin and a coat of rich black mascara. It's really, really simple, anyone can do it -- like the look I did on you yesterday. (shown)

    Annie Scott

    Before (with makeup removed -- Annie would never show up like that)

    SL: And you used the same product on my lips as on my cheeks!

    Annie Scott

    After - The Spring 2009 Look by Jake Bailey

    JB: Yeah, it's super easy. You just need a little dot or light football player marks (with the Vivid Impact Lipcolor by MAX Factor, shown here in Rose Rage), and then you blend. Spring's all about having a really light, fresh texture. Use a light liquid foundation like MAX Factor ColorGenius, which just looks like skin, sets itself and doesn't need powder. Spring is really about bright lipcolors that liven up your complexion. Just a nice strong lip, balanced out with a touch of cream blush and a rich coat of mascara give a fully finished look.

    SL: And really simple.

    JB: Yeah, really simple.

    Annie Scott

    Vivid Impact Lipcolor by MAX Factor in Rose Rage

    SL: And it's okay to put Vivid Impact Lipcolor on your face?

    JB: Yes. Well, on your cheeks. Maybe not all over your face.

    SL: But I might have a really good idea!

    JB: Yeah, yeah, I mean, let me know how that goes. But it does make a beautiful cream blush. I don't know if they intended it that way, but with the texture it provides, your skin just glows right through it.

    SL: And it's not gonna clog your pores?

    JB: No -- it's not waxy like a lot of lipsticks I've used in the past. It just feels like a lip balm.

    SL: And I had it on my cheeks yesterday and I have not broken out.

    JB: Yeah, if you wear makeup, you should use an oil-based cleanser every night to really remove your makeup.

    Max Factor

    MAX Factor ColorGenius Oil-Free Foundation

    SL:And why do you recommend oil based? A lot of people I know are really into oil free.

    JB: Well, oil-free products like ColorGenius are great -- you don't necessarily want to put oil on your face and just let it sit there. But oil-based cleansing products actually remove oil. Oil cuts oil, it really just strips every molecule of makeup off your face.

    SL: Cool.

    JB: And you'll find, when you're done cleansing, you don't feel oily at all. Your skin just feels very, very clean.

    Max Factor

    Katy Perry - A Client of Jake Bailey

    SL: What about bronzer? Are we bronzing this season?

    JB: Well, I love bronzer! I do like the look of a tan, I think it looks healthy, but we all know the risks of sun damage. Those who have olive skin, who easily get color, respond better to self tanner than people with really fair skin or skin with pink undertones. So they can use a self tanner or go in the sun in moderation. But if you have fair skin, you know, that's beautiful. I really don't understand why so many women with pale skin are so desperate to be tan. It's so delicate and feminine and sexy. Look at Evan Rachel Wood, Nicole Kidman, Katy Perry. And it really does lend itself to being very "now," with what's in this spring. It's very angelic.

    Getty Images

    Clean & Clear Blotting Paper

    JB: Powder's not necessarily for everyone. I do use powder quite a bit -- for red carpet, music videos, television shows, I mean, anytime you're on camera or under hot lights, powder's great. But in day-to-day life -- that natural glow, that natural sheen -- is really important. I think that's what's most attractive. If you do want to use powder, I recommend blotting first, Clean & Clear makes a really good blotting paper, and then applying powder.

    Sarah Jessica Parker

    SL: Did you hear that Sarah Jessica Parker uses toilet seat covers to blot?

    JB: Well, you know -- in a pinch! I was just saying yesterday that the kind of makeup we were doing, which happens to be really "now," is the kind of makeup you can do in an airport bathroom. Just mix your lotion with foundation, add a little concelear, lipstick, dot lipstick on your cheeks, blend, then go into a stall, pull out a toilet seat cover and blot.

    SL: And you're all set!

    JB (laughing): I don't do toilet seat covers on my clients, though, for the record.

    SL: And you mix foundation with lotion to get the SPF?

    JB: That's right. Our foundation doesn't have SPF. Many companies are putting SPF in the foundation, but the amount of foundation you'd have to put on to get the benefit is way more than you should probably be wearing. So, I definitely recommend mixing equal parts moisturizer and SPF and foundation. If you're looking for more coverage, definitely use the SPF first, let it soak in, then do your foundation.

    Getty Images

    MAX Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper Mascara

    SL: Can you tell me about the crazy business card mascara trick you were using yesterday?

    JB: When I was first starting out with makeup and I was trying to learn, I was teaching myself. Mascara was a real challenge. I couldn't figure out how to get it to look the way I wanted it to look.

    SL: You were teaching yourself -- you mean you didn't go to makeup school?

    JB: No. I mean, I apprenticed with people like Kevyn Aucoin and Pat McGrath, and I was able to assist on shows. I certainly learned a lot more from them than I learned from myself. But this is one of the tricks that I figured out on my own.

    SL: How does it work?

    Max Factor