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Out of nowhere, it seems like everybody is obsessed with the Gosselins. Kate Gosselin from TLC's wildly successful Jon & Kate Plus 8 is rapidly approaching cultural icon status. And as it goes with most celebs du jour, her personal style, particularly her hair, is creating a lot of buzz (pun intended). At a signing for her new book Eight Little Faces, Kate showed up with a bold new style that's sure to get people talking -- but do we like it?

The cut reminds us of two things right off the bat: Victoria Beckham's hair circa 2007 and the kind of playfully rebellious, business in the front and party in the back attitude of a mullet (but a little more tasteful). We even think there's a little bit of Suze Orman in there.

Whatever it is, it's definitely on the opposite end of the spectrum from the wildly popular Palin hairdo. According to what Kate told Entertainment Weekly, her feisty new 'do is a major success:

Is Kate's do wacky and weird or hip and cool?
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"It's my attitude! Everybody wants it. It's work. I have very, very thick hair, so it's not going to work for everybody. I've seen people come through the book line with thin hair and it's just won't work. My hair stylist gets calls from all across the country."
Wow, was that last part a jab at people with thin hair? She is pretty sassy.

While we think the new style looks good on Kate, we're kinda hoping it's not going to sweep the nation. What do you think?

Christo Dishes on Short Dos

    Gennifer Goodwin made a seemingly overnight tress-formation, appearing at the He's Just Not That Into You premiere on February 2 with long, wavy locks. Two days later, she rocked a straight, shoulder-grazing bob. We're loving the new do - how about you?

    Paris Hilton has joined the Katie & Posh Club, shrinking her long blonde locks into a chin-length crop. We say "shrinking" because it's hard keep tabs on the extension-fanatic's true lock length. But hey, when you have your own line of hair extensions (Hilton's line is called DreamCatchers), your chameleon-like hair length is your best advertisement. Before you follow Hilton's, lead check out what stylist to the stars Christo told StyleList about how to pull off a short do.

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    Jessica Alba went from a flowing romantic 'do to a chic and edgy bob.

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    Victoria Beckham: Before the Cut

    There was a time when Posh had long, flowing locks (well, extensions) before she went for her dramatic razor cut bob that kicked off the trend in Hollywood.

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    Victoria Beckham: Short Do

    "Victoria has a great bob that works with her style," says Christo. "There are not too many hair textures that can pull off this look; it has to be fine and straight." One advantage of a shorter cut? "They are fun to play with and can be very versatile. Ask your stylist how to play around with styling tools to create different looks."

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    Katie Holmes: Before the Cut

    When she started dating Tom Cruise, Katie's hair was long and straight.

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    Katie Holmes: Short Do

    "Katie Holmes can pull off a short cut," says Christo. "She went from a young pretty girl to a sexy woman who turns heads." But Christo warns, "Don't forget you need to be backat the salon 4-6 weeks after getting a short cut. Be prepared to put the money and time in."


    Anne Hathaway: Before the Cut

    Before she chopped her locks for her upcoming film Dancing With Shiva , Hathaway was known for her long, thick hair.

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    Anne Hathaway: Short Don't

    "Anne's stylist played it safe and gave her a short bob cut. She's a very pretty girl but this look doesn't accentuate her beauty," explains Christo. "With her facial structure, I would go with a shorter cut like Selma Blair's."

    Jemal Countess,

    Rihanna: Before the Cut

    The Barbados beauty and R 'n B star had super long hair when she first hit the charts as Jay Z's protege.

    Frank Micelotta, Getty Images