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This week, Kris Allen totally dodged a bullet on "American Idol." The "dark horse" contestant managed to come out of nowhere to prevent the seemingly inevitable face-off between Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert. With this turn of events, it comes down to Kris and Adam.

Sure, Kris is a great singer, but is that what really made the difference? We think Kris' come-from-behind win is a sign that America likes his style.

If we had to pinpoint exactly what gave Kris Allen the edge, we'd say it was his lucky jeans. Not Lucky Brand jeans, mind you -- we mean jeans that actually worked as a good luck charm.

And if you're buying into the whole idea of magical jeans, or just jeans that look so good that they influence America to vote for you, then you're probably wondering what jeans Kris was wearing. Last night, when Kris received some of the best news of his life, he was sporting a pair of JOE's Jeans. To be specific, he was wearing the "Rocker" jean (how appropriate) in the Harlan wash. They retail for around $163.

Miles Siggins, who's been the men's stylist at "American Idol" for the last seven years, told StyleList "Choosing what they're going to wear is a collaboration. I never want to make anyone look bad, but I can't force them to wear anything. They do listen to me, though!" He filled us in on how he and Kris chose his look:

"We found the top half first, and then he started looking at dark jeans, but they just seemed too clean. Messed-up jeans edge up his clean-cut style. He looks really good in JOE's -- they fit him really well. Guys always choose clothes that are too big; they need to wear the proper size with a slimmer fit."

So, now you can dress like an idol -- or at least one of the two finalists!