Fit to be tied. Photo: Danny Martindale, FilmMagic

Lily Allen must have heard that spring is all about the LWD (little white dress), because upon arrival to the Groucho Club in London, she donned a long white frock. Only problem, she looked more like she was headed to a wedding reception -- her own!

The singer wore a full-on bridal gown to an afterparty and even brought along a cropped black blazer (groom's tuxedo jacket?) to complete the look.

Is she trying to follow in Britney's fashion footsteps? Lest we remind you of the time Spears wore her wedding dress for a car shopping trip. Lily's already done the pink hair. Is a shaved head and umbrella beating next? We sure hope not!

We're not going to lie -- this beats the "Death to Bambi" dress she wore last summer. But, we just can't give her bridal style a pass; not for an evening at the pub. Can you?

Check out some celebs with a real reason to go bridal below!

Celebrity Engagement Rings

    Celebrity: Gisele Bundchen
    Other Half: Tom Brady
    State of Union: Married
    Cut: Round
    Total Carats: 4
    Estimated Cost: $100,000

    "Gisele's ring is a large round brilliant solitaire which is the perfect diamond engagement ring for a gorgeous classic beauty."

    Scott Wintrow, Getty Images

    Celebrity: Jennifer Hudson
    Other Half: David Otunga
    State of Union: Engaged
    Jeweler: Neil Lane
    Cut: Round Brilliant Platinum
    Total Carats: 6 (Center stone is 5 carats)
    Estimated Cost: $80,000

    "Jennifer designed this very unique ring set with her fiance and Neil Lane. The all micro-pave ring is set on a split-shank band which is a style that is coming back in popularity."

    Leon Bennett, WireImage

    Celebrity: Salma Hayek
    Other Half: Francois Henri Pinault
    State of Union: Married
    Cut: Three Stone Cushion
    Total Carats: 8
    Estimated Cost: $200,000

    "Salma's ring is a three stone diamond ring which is a very romantic design for a true Old Hollywood glamour girl."

    Jason Kempin, WireImage | Fame Pictures

    Celebrity: Mandy Moore
    Other Half: Ryan Adams
    State of Union: Married
    Cut: Round Brilliant
    Total Carats: 4
    Estimated Cost: $65,000

    "This is a combination of engagement and wedding rings which fits because she went straight to the alter."

    Steve Granitz, WireImage

    Celebrity: Ali Larter
    Other Half: Hayes MacArthur
    State of Union: Engaged
    Cut: Emerald
    Total Carats: 4
    Estimated Cost: $60,000

    "This diamond ring shows off Ali's feminine side with its delicate pave detail while still being large enough to give her enough sparkle on the red carpet."

    Kevin Mazur, WireImage

    Celebrity: Katherine Heigl
    Other Half: Josh Kelley
    State of Union: Married
    Jeweler: Ryan Ryan
    Cut: Pear
    Total Carats: 4
    Estimated Cost: $65,000

    "Katherine's husband Josh designed this modern ring with Ryan Ryan--who the actress wears exclusively."

    Gregg DeGuire, WireImage | Frank Micelotta, WireImage

    Celebrity: Portia de Rossi
    Other Half: Ellen DeGeneres
    State of Union: Married
    Jeweler: Neil Lane
    Cut: Marquis (set sideways)
    Total Carats: 4
    Estimated Cost: $90,000

    "Ellen worked with Neil Lane to create this ring which is an update on the Marquis. It's more Portia by throwing pink paves around the cornerstone."

    Angela Weiss, Getty Images

    Celebrity: Beyonce
    Other Half: Jay-Z
    State of Union: Married
    Jeweler: Lorraine Schwartz
    Cut: Emerald
    Total Carats: 18
    Estimated Cost: $5 million

    "This is an investment piece. It's so rare, so large, and so clean. It's sort of like having money in the bank. It's better than having a 401K."

    Steve Granitz, WireImage | Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

    Celebrity: Christina Aguilera
    Other Half: Jordan Bratman
    State of Union: Married
    Jeweler: Stephen Webster
    Cut: Vintage Round Brilliant
    Total Carats: 5
    Estimated Cost: $120,000

    "She's a throwback to Hollywood glamour and she definitely shows that with this vintage ring."

    Gregg DeGuire, WireImage

    Celebrity: Eva Longoria
    Other Half: Tony Parker
    State of Union: Married
    Jeweler: Jean Dousset
    Cut: Emerald
    Total Carats: 5+
    Estimated Cost: $135,000

    "Eva's a big jewelry girl, but this is a luck for her. It definitely shows her romantic side with the emerald cut."

    Steve Granitz, | Kevin Winter, Getty Images