Rachel Weisz, a true Hollywood starlet at Cannes. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Rachel Weisz keeps me on my feet. Instead of going the edgy route at the world's artiest film festival, Cannes, she turned up looking every ounce a Hollywood starlet.

(Quick rewind: Three weeks ago, she rocked up to the Met Ball looking like a self-proclaimed "punk princess," goth lipstick and all.)

At the premiere of her new film, Agora, Weisz wowed me by nailing the three signatures of Old Hollywood glamour:

  • Long, wavy hair with loads of shine
  • A deep, perfectly articulated side part
  • A thick stroke of black eyeliner with multiple lashings of mascara

Notice she didn't nail the fourth -- satin red lipstick -- but I suppose she was still giving her lips a much-needed rest from the Met Ball's black-brown lip color. Another Golden Age of Hollywood touch -- those stellar Cartier diamond art deco earrings, worth a cool $75,000. There's nothing punk about that. Gorgeous.

Weisz's look wasn't the only one that caught my attention at the festival. Click through the slideshow to check out more of Cannes' best beauty moments so far.