Kylie Minogue plays party girl. Photo courtesy of TOUS

Kylie Minogue is the guest of honor, literally, in the new TOUS ad campaign. Donning a pink couture gown, the Aussie singer reveals her inner girly-girl for legendary photographer Ellen Von Unwerth. The playful party atmosphere involved giant teddy bears, countless balloons and confetti-covered floors, all set in a lavish suite at the Le Meurice Hotel in Paris.

Pretty, please! (With a cherry on top.) Photo courtesy of TOUS

Dripping in TOUS jewelry and accessories, Minogue plays coy for the camera, giving the impression that being the center of attention is so not a big deal. (We're guessing for Kylie that came pretty naturally.) The flirty tulle hemline of her satin dress hiked up just so, giving the heir of a coquettish socialite.

"We wanted the campaign to be very bold, very fresh and very atmospheric. To carry off all this radiance and sophistication, we needed the best and for me, that is Kylie Minogue," says Madame Rosa Oriol, TOUS Co-President and Design Director.

Well, it worked.

We can't get it out of our head!

Check out the campaign's accompanying video (or afterparty, if you will):