A breathtaking seaside view. Photo courtesy of Dior.

Here's the thing about Cannes. While Sundance is known for its B-list gifting suites, where celebs get free jeans and rhinestone-encrusted PDAs, Cannes brings something else to the table -- the Dior Suite.

The ultra-private suite, given the kicky name Rendez-Vous Beauté DIOR, is where the Dior camp sets up shop to let A-list guests prepare, escape and unwind from the hubbub without being too far away from the action. The Dior Suite is located in the Majestic Hotel, which is the top hotel on the Croisette (where the premieres are held). You can actually hear the fans' screams from street level.

A stylish sitting area. Photo courtesy of Dior.

Pay no attention to them, though. Here, it's all about pampering. The brand's signature gray and white color scheme prevails throughout much of the suite, where actresses sip champagne, stare at the sea, and contemplate indulging in the illuminating face massage with the pricey L'Or de Vie range. They can also get a hand treatment with manicure. And of course, a stunning makeup application. It's all are there for the taking!

But that's not all. Guests of Rendez-Vous Beauté DIOR get their hair taken care of by none other than Odile Gilbert and her team. Gilbert is absolute royalty in the beauty world. (If you're unfamiliar, just know she's a permanent fixture during Fashion Week and most famously created the magnificent hairstyles for Sofia Coppola's "Marie-Antoinette".)

It's all so French, it's all unfairly fabulous. Oh, to be in Cannes.