Photos courtesy of Out of Your Life

Bad breakups -- we've all been there. At some point or another, you find yourself elbow deep in a pint of Häagan Dazs wondering what went wrong and if it was all even worth it.

Snap out of it! We have just the reason for you to get over those ex-boyfriends/fiances/husbands -- cash! Out of Your Life will buy the jewels from your breakup drawer (or box) and send you a check. How easy is that?

This just might be the most brilliant invention for the broke and brokenhearted. Get rid of all those painful reminders -- that necklace you never liked anyway (he so didn't get your style). And with a little extra money in your pocket, what better excuse for a girls' night out (on him!)?

While some of you are probably wondering what ever happened to sentimental value, let's be honest -- Madonna was onto something -- we are living in a material world.