"The Lady Noire Affair" finally premiered today, but even after many repeated viewings, the suspense is still killing me. It's that good.

The black-and-white thriller is a pitch-perfect hommage to Alfred Hitchcock's films, from the shadowy cinematography to the film score's screeching strings to the extreme closeups of Marion Cotillard's eyes. (By the way, her eye makeup is absolutely stellar, and it's my personal mission to let you know exactly what shadow she's wearing on those lids. Stay tuned.)

But the Hitchcock and Dior connection is no coincidence -- Christian Dior worked on the late director's film, "Stage Fright," in 1950.

"I liked immersing myself in this universe of glamour and suspense and [sharing] this creative process with Mr. Galliano and the talents of the Dior house," says Olivier Dahan, the mini-movie's director. "'The Lady Noire Affair'" brings out what I call 'Romanesque' luxury, inspired by the grand classics."

Dahan describes the film as "an enigmatic story about a heroine named Lady Dior, created for Marion Cotillard," and the "tempting and romantic alchemy between a mysterious and entrancing femme fatale [who is] yet so fragile and determined by love."

This idea of dichotomy even extends onto Cotillard's hair color. She goes icy blonde (and -- surprise, surprise -- looks amazing).

"I had a great time interpreting a glamorous blonde Hitchcockian girl from the Fifties," she says.

Want more surprises? Then stay tuned for the next chapter, "Lady Rouge," out next season.

Until then, watch the film, look for clues and speculate: What do you think Lady Dior is hiding in her bag?