The many flawless faces of model Agyness Deyn. Photos: Getty Images

Model-of-the-moment Agyness Deyn is known for her quirky fashion sense, penchant for dating rockers and becoming the new face of Tokyo-based fashion chain Uniqlo. But what people probably don't know is that for the last few months, the mannequin has been plagued by bad skin. Not okay for a woman who makes a living off of her looks.

Pure Squalene Skin Nourisher from Ling Skincare. Photo courtesy of

Her secret weapon? Facials at Ling Skincare in New York City, which is known for lots of extractions and healing through hydration. We heard, through the beauty grapevine, that Agyness was suffering from cleansing too much and over-exfoliation (who wouldn't after all the makeup she has to wear for work?), which made her skin sensitive, dry and prone to breakouts. To get her flawless complexion back, she put herself in Ling's hands for facials, and turns to Pure Squalene Skin Nourisher at home.

Having become addicted to this stuff myself, I can easily see why. Squalene is pure olive oil extract that echoes our skin's natural moisturizer, sebum. Thirsty skin soaks it in after a few minutes, leaving your face (and chest, and hands, and elbows) smoother and more even-toned. So, Agyness and I have something in common. Who knew?

A spa room at Ling Skincare in New York City. Photo courtesy of