Anna Wintour and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, front and center at the press conference announcing "Fashion's Night Out." Photo by Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

September 10, right as New York Fashion Week will be getting underway, retailers in major cities worldwide will join forces for "Fashion's Night Out," as reported by WWD. This is an initiative that, according to Bloomberg, will remind people that "in spite of the tough times that we have been and will continue to go through, there is a future and fashion is part of it."

Bloomberg made the "Fashion's Night Out" announcement on Wednesday while flanked by more than two dozen of fashion's finest, including Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger and Oscar de la Renta, just to name a few. Wang added to Bloomberg's statement, saying, "From the high-powered woman in Oscar de la Renta to the postgrad buying his first suit, people can find self-expression, confidence and a style all their own in fashion."

Around 100 retailers in the United States have already signed on with the intent to put the fun back in shopping, boost sales and make stores more than just a place to buy new things -- instead, they'll become "more entertaining theaters of commerce."

Not surprisingly, Vogue editrix Anna Wintour has been behind "Fashion's Night Out" since its inception, and told WWD that other countries with Vogue editions will also host the event. So, shoppers in Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Japan, China, Taiwan, Russia, Brazil and India will also have a chance to participate.

Wintour also said that retailers are working in cooperation rather than in competition, and while every store will surely go all out, it won't be in an effort to outdo one another. Customers taking part in "Fashion's Night Out" can expect live music, celebrities, demonstrations and more, though specific plans have not been finalized.

This event is more than just an excuse to have fun with fashion and boost sales in participating cities. A limited edition tee will also be sold to support the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, and each one sold will come with a Willy Wonka-esque golden ticket which could be the key to any of 12 prizes. Lunch with Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg and a fashion week package are just a couple of amazing possibilities.